The Special Court for Sierra Leone and the Residual Special Court for Sierra Leone, Freetown and The Hague

Prosecution Press Releases

Prosecutor Hollis Welcomes the Historic Final Judgment in the Charles Taylor Case.
26 September 2013

Office of the Prosecutor Trains Police Prosecutors in Kingtom.
20 May 2013

Prosecutor Hollis applauds the people of Sierra Leone following Charles Taylor's Conviction.
14 May 2012

Prosecutor Hollis hails the historic conviction of Charles Taylor.
26 April 2012

Joint Statement of the Sixth Colloquium of International Prosecutors.
16 May 2011

Sixth Colloquium of International Prosecutors 14-15 May 2011 in Freetown.
11 May 2011

Prosecution Welcomes the End of the Defence Case.
12 November 2010

Joseph F. Kamara Steps Down as Deputy Prosecutor of Special Court.
28 September 2010

Prosecutor Welcomes Convictions in RUF Appeals Judgment.
26 October 2009

Deputy Prosecutor Completes Successful European Mission.
2 June 2009

Special Court Prosecutors Train Northern Police Prosecutors.
5 May 2009

Special Court Prosecutor Hails RUF Convictions.
25 February 2009

Testimony for the Prosecution Concluded in Taylor Trial.
2 February 2009

Prosecutor Accuses Taylor Defence of Causing Hardship for Victim Witnesses.
20 October 2008

Joseph F Kamara Appointed Deputy Prosecutor of the Special Court.
6 August 2008

Special Court Prosecutor to Co-Host Film Screening at the UN to Promote Awareness on Child Soldiers.
10 July 2008

Special Court Prosecutor Welcomes Final Judgement in AFRC Case.
22 February 2008

Prosecutor Welcomes Sentences in AFRC Case.
19 July 2007

Trial of Charles Taylor Set for June 4 Opening.
7 May 2007

Prosecutor Expresses Regret at the Death of Sam Hinga Norman.
22 February 2007

Prosecutor Welcomes Start Date in Taylor Trial, Promises Access for Sierra Leoneans.
29 January 2007

Special Court Prosecutor to Step Down.
28 April 2006

The Prosecutor's Meeting with Civil Society of Sierra Leone, 31 March 2006.
12 April 2006

Chief Prosecutor Welcomes the Successful Initial Appearance of Charles Taylor in Freetown, Sierra Leone.
3 April 2006

Chief Prosecutor Announces the Arrival of Charles Taylor at the Special Court.
29 March 2006

Urgent Statement by The Prosecutor of the Special Court - Desmond de Silva QC, on reports that the wanted war criminal Charles Taylor has absconded within or from Nigeria.
28 March 2006

Urgent Statement by the Prosecutor of the Special Court, Desmond de Silva, QC, on his request to Nigeria to execute a warrant of arrest on former President of Liberia Charles Taylor.
26 March 2006

Statement by Special Court Prosecutor Desmond de Silva, QC Welcoming the Nigerian Announcement on the Transfer of Charles Taylor.
25 March 2006

Prosecutor Welcomes Discussions to Facilitate the Transfer of Charles Taylor to the Special Court.
13 March 2006

Prosecutor Welcomes Sierra Leone Parliamentary Resolution Supporting Taylor's Trial at the Special Court.
9 February 2006

Prosecutor Welcomes UN Security Council Resolution Granting UNMIL Chapter VII Powers to Arrest Charles Taylor.
14 November 2005

Statement by Chief Prosecutor Desmond de Silva, Q.C. (on conclusion of Prosecution's case in trial of CDF Accused).
14 July 2005

War Crimes Prosecutors Meet in Freetown.
27 June 2005

Prosecutor's Colloquium to be held in Freetown.
20 June 2005

Prosecutor Welcomes New Global Witness Report.
17 June 2005

At Second Anniversary of the Unsealing of Taylor's Indictment, Prosecutor Crane Says, "Charles Taylor Holds a Sword Over the Future of West Africa".
3 June 2005

Prosecutor Reacts to New Report on Charles Taylor's Activities From Exile.
19 May 2005

Prosecutor Welcomes Resolution on Charles Taylor in U.S. Senate.
11 May 2005

Prosecutor Welcomes Resolution on Charles Taylor and Calls for Leadership from U.S. President Bush.
4 May 2005

Prosecutor Welcomes Arrest of Taylor Associate on War Crimes Charges.
22 March 2005

Statement of the Prosecutor on International Women's Day.
8 March 2005

Special Court Prosecutor to Step Down.
28 February 2005

Joint Statement of the Prosecutors of the International Criminal Court...and the Special Court for Sierra Leone.
29 November 2004

Prosecutor David M. Crane calls Taylor a continuing threat to regional peace.
20 September 2004

Abdul Tejan-Cole, Prosecution Opening Statement, Trial of the RUF Accused.
5 July 2004

David Crane, Prosecution Opening Statement, Trial of the RUF Accused.
5 July 2004

The Prosecutor Launches 'Accountability Now Club' at Fourah Bay College.
1 July 2004

Statement of the Prosecutor David M. Crane on the Day of the African Child.
16 June 2004

David Crane, Prosecution Opening Statement, Trial of the CDF Accused.
3 June 2004

Statement by Prosecutor David M. Crane: The Prosecution is Ready for the Trial of Charles Taylor.
2 June 2004

Prosecutor Welcomes Arraignment of RUF and AFRC Indictees on Charges Related to Forced Marriage.
17 May 2004

Prosecutor Encouraged by New Call for Charles Taylor to Face Justice.
6 May 2004

Prosecutor Speaks with Young African Peacebuilders.
22 April 2004

Prosecutor Speaks at International Women's Day Event.
9 March 2004

Prosecution Investigators, UNMIL, and Liberian Officials Jointly Search Taylor Properties.
5 March 2004

Prosecution Meets Students at the Milton Margai School for the Blind.
24 November 2003

Chief Prosecutor David Crane Speaks to the Military.
7 November 2003

Prosecutor Meets with War Wounded at Grafton Camp.
6 October 2003

Deputy Prosecutor Statement on the Death of Foday Sankoh.
30 July 2003

$2 Million of Taylor's Assets Frozen.
23 July 2003

Swiss have blocked Taylor's accounts, says Prosecutor.
23 June 2003

Honouring the Inaugural World Day Against Child Labour.
12 June 2003

Statement from the Chief Prosecutor, David M. Crane.
10 June 2003

Statement of David M. Crane, Chief Prosecutor, Special Court for Sierra Leone.
5 June 2003

Special Court Takes Custody of Alleged Body of Indicted War Criminal.
1 June 2003

Brima "Bazzy" Kamara Indicted; Two Suspects Detained.
29 May 2003

Deputy Prosecutor Expresses Anger at Taylor's "Pariah Regime".
22 May 2003

Bockarie's Family Alleged Murdered; Office of the Prosecutor Demands Full Cooperation From Taylor.
15 May 2003

Office of the Prosecutor Demands Body for Identification.
13 May 2003

Prosecutor Responds to Reports of Bockarie's Death.
7 May 2003

Prosecutor Requests Body for Identification; Calls for Surrender of Koroma.
7 May 2003

"This is your Court:" Prosecutor Addresses FBC Students.
5 May 2003

Prosecutor Provides Location of Fugitives Koroma and Bockarie.
4 May 2003

Special Court Prosecutor: "No one is above the law."
16 March 2003

Statement by David M. Crane, the Prosecutor, Special Court for Sierra Leone.
10 March 2003

Letter for UK Committee.
9 March 2003

Statement on International Women's Day.
7 March 2003

Special Court Prosecutor Addresses Seminar Participants; Encourages Perpetrators to Talk to the TRC.
27 February 2003

Special Court Prosecutor Visits Port Loko: Investigations to Continue.
4 February 2003

Special Court Prosecutor Completes Initial Visits to South and East.
16 December 2002

TRC Chairman and Special Court Prosecutor Join Hands to Fight Impunity.
10 December 2002

Special Court's Office of the Prosecutor Enters New Phase.
29 November 2002

Special Court Prosecutor Says He Will Not Prosecute Children.
2 November 2002

Prosecutor for the Special Court Begins Holding 'Town Hall' Meetings.
27 September 2002