The Special Court for Sierra Leone and the Residual Special Court for Sierra Leone, Freetown and The Hague

Registry Press Releases


Government of Sierra Leone Hosts Formal Closing Ceremony for the Special Court.
Statement by President Ernest Bai Koroma
Statement by Under-Secretary-General for Legal Affairs Miguel de Serpa Soares
Photo Gallery of the Ceremony
3 December 2013

Justice Philip Waki Elected President of the Residual Special Court for Sierra Leone.
3 December 2013

Special Court Hands Over Courthouse and Complex to the Government of Sierra Leone.
Video of the Handover
2 December 2013

Sixteen Judges Sworn-in for Residual Special Court for Sierra Leone.
Photo Gallery of the Ceremony
Video of the Swearing-in
2 December 2013

Appeals Chamber Overturns Contempt Conviction of Former Defence Investigator Prince Taylor.
30 October 2013

Charles Taylor Transferred to the UK for the Enforcement of his Sentence.
15 October 2013

Appeals Chamber Upholds Charles Taylor's Conviction, 50 Year Sentence.
26 September 2013

Charles Taylor Appeal Judgement Scheduled for 26 September 2013.
27 August 2013

Government of Sierra Leone to Enforce Sentences of Special Court Contempt Prisoners.
16 August 2013

"Justice is for Us All": Statement by Special Court President Justice George Gelaga King to Mark International Criminal Justice Day.
17 July 2013

Justice George Gelaga King Elected President of the Special Court.
4 June 2013

Prince Taylor Appeal Denied for Late Filing; Judges Rule Appeal Not Properly Before the Chamber.
14 May 2013

Appeals Chamber Upholds Contempt Convictions Against Former AFRC Leaders.
21 March 2013

Former Special Court Investigator Prince Taylor Sentenced to 2-1/2 Years in Prison.
8 February 2013

Former Special Court Investigator Convicted of Interference With Witnesses.
25 January 2013

Oral Hearings Conclude in Taylor Appeal, Judges Will Now Retire to Deliberate and Consider Judgement.
23 January 2013


Four Sentenced for Interference in the Administration of Justice.
11 October 2012

Former Special Court Investigator Accused of Contempt.
6 October 2012

AFRC Leaders Found Guilty of Contempt, Interfering in the Administration of Justice.
25 September 2012

Defence Case Closes, Final Arguments, in Bangura, et. al. Contempt Trial.
6 September 2012

Eric Koi Senessie Sentenced to Two Years in Prison for Contempt of the Special Court.
5 July 2012

Eric Koi Senessie Convicted of Contempt of Court for Witness Tampering.
22 June 2012

Statement by Special Court President Justice Shireen Avis Fisher on the detention of ICC staff in Libya.
15 June 2012

Justice Fisher Elected President of the Special Court.
4 June 2012

Charles Taylor Sentenced to 50 Years in Prison.
30 May 2012

Prosecution, Defence Present Oral Arguments at Taylor Sentencing Hearing.
16 May 2012

Morris Anyah Named Lead Defence Counsel for Taylor Appeal.
4 May 2012

Charles Taylor Convicted on all 11 Counts; Sentencing Scheduled for 30 May.
26 April 2012

Trial Chamber to Deliver Taylor Judgment on 26 April 2012.
1 March 2012

Justice Philip Waki of Kenya Sworn in as Alternate Appeal Judge.
27 February 2012

Justice Richard Lussick Elected Presiding Judge of Trial Chamber II.
18 January 2012


Justice Julia Sebutinde of Trial Chamber II Elected to the International Court of Justice.
16 December 2011

Statement by President Jon M. Kamanda on the Death of Judge Antonio Cassese.
24 October 2011

One Conviction, Four Plead Not Guilty to Contempt Charges.
15 July 2011

Initial Appearance for Five Accused of Contempt Will Take Place July 15.
1 July 2011

Special Court Pays Tribute to Former Registrar Robin Vincent.
13 June 2011

Justice Jon Kamanda Re-elected President of the Special Court.
9 June 2011

Court Indicts Five for Contempt, Alleges Interference With Witnesses.
7 June 2011

Peace Museum Preview Opens at Special Court.
29 April 2011

UN Hands Over Special Court Security to Sierra Leone Police.
17 February 2011


Defence Rests Their Case in Charles Taylor Trial.
12 November 2010

Special Court Opens Investigation Into Pirated Videos.
11 August 2010

Justice Jon Kamanda Elected Special Court President; Judges End Plenary.
31 May 2010

Fidelma Donlon Named Deputy Registrar.
24 May 2010

Special Court Hands Over Detention Facility to Sierra Leone Prison Service.
19 May 2010

Taylor Trial Moves to STL Courtroom.
13 May 2010

Brenda Hollis Named Special Court Prosecutor.
22 February 2010

Binta Mansaray Named Special Court Registrar.
22 February 2010

Justice Julia Sebutinde Elected Presiding Judge of Trial Chamber II.
15 January 2010


Special Court Hands Over Detention Facility to Government of Sierra Leone.
16 November 2009

Special Court Launches Witness Protection Training Programme.
6 November 2009

Justice Jon Kamanda Elected President of the Special Court.
2 November 2009

Claire Carlton-Hanciles Named Special Court Principal Defender.
2 November 2009

Special Court Prisoners Transferred to Rwanda to Serve Their Sentences.
31 October 2009

Appeals Chamber Upholds Sentences for Convicted Revolutionary United Front Leaders.
26 October 2009

Joseph F. Kamara Named Acting Prosecutor.
8 September 2009

Mongolian Guard Force Honoured by Special Court at Rotation Ceremony.
14 August 2009

Special Court Officials Brief U.N. Security Council on Progress, Challenges.
16 July 2009

Joint Declaration of the Registrars Following Their "Round Table on the Administration of Justice" in Venice, 2-3 July 2009.
3 July 2009

Special Court Signs Enforcement Agreement with Finland.
30 June 2009

Justice Renate Winter Re-elected President of the Special Court.
25 May 2009

Trial Chamber Dismisses Motion for Judgment of Acquittal, Orders Taylor Defence to Open on June 29.
4 May 2009

Justice Shireen Avis Fisher Sworn in as Appeals Judge.
4 May 2009

Long Sentences for Convicted RUF Leaders.
8 April 2009

Registrar Herman von Hebel to Leave Special Court.
7 April 2009

Special Court Concludes Enforcement Agreement With Rwanda.
20 March 2009

Prosecution Rests in the Trial of Charles Taylor.
27 February 2009

Former RUF Leaders Found Guilty of War Crimes, Crimes Against Humanity.
25 February 2009

RUF Trial Judgment is Special Court's Last in Sierra Leone.
20 February 2009

Prosecution Witness Testimony Ends in the Trial of Charles Taylor.
30 January 2009


Justice A. Raja N. Fernando Passes Away.
24 November 2008

Special Court Launches Glossary of Legal Terms in Local Languages.
6 November 2008

Statement by Registrar Herman von Hebel regarding the request by the Liberian Truth and Reconciliation Commission for an audience with Charles Taylor.
5 September 2008

Closing Arguments Conclude in RUF Trial.
5 August 2008

Justice Boutet Elected Presiding Judge of Trial Chamber I.
4 July 2008

Testimony Ends in RUF Trial; Last Witness Testifies in Freetown.
25 June 2008

Justice Jon Kamanda Elected Vice President of Special Court.
30 May 2008

Justice Renate Winter Elected President of Special Court.
29 May 2008

Appeals Chamber Overturns Convictions, Enters New Ones, and Increases Sentences for Former Civil Defence. Forces Leaders.
28 May 2008

Appeals Chamber Upholds Sentences of Convicted AFRC Leaders.
22 February 2008

Special Court Convenes International Conference to Consider Residual Issues.
18 February 2008

Prison Officers recognised by Special Court.
4 February 2008

Justice Teresa Doherty Elected Presiding Judge of Trial Chamber II.
18 January 2008


Serbian Officials to Visit Special Court.
7 December 2007

Justice Jon Kamanda Sworn in as Appeals Judge.
7 November 2007

Former CDF Militia Leaders Sentenced by Special Court.
9 October 2007

War Crimes Convictions in CDF Accused Trial.
2 August 2007

New Registrar, Deputy Registrar for the Special Court.
20 July 2007

Former AFRC Leaders Sentenced to Long Prison Sentences for Crimes in Sierra Leone.
19 July 2007

Inquiry finds Special Court Provided Proper Care to Hinga Norman.
16 July 2007

Hon. Justice Benjamin Itoe Elected Presiding Judge of Trial Chamber I.
5 July 2007

Guilty Verdicts in the Trial of the AFRC Accused.
20 June 2007

Special Court President Calls on International Community for Continued Support.
8 June 2007

Justice George Gelaga-King Re-Elected President of Special Court.
17 May 2007

Justice El Hadji Malick Sow of Senegal Sworn in as Alternate Judge.
11 May 2007

Autopsy Shows Sam Hinga Norman Died of Natural Causes.
28 March 2007

Herman von Hebel Named Acting Registrar.
20 March 2007

Registrar Lovemore Munlo, SC Announces His Departure from Special Court.
19 March 2007

Body of Sam Hinga Norman Handed Over to Family.
7 March 2007

Special Court President Orders Inquiry into Death of Hinga Norman.
23 February 2007

Special Court Principal Defender Regrets the Death of Samuel Hinga Norman.
23 February 2007

Special Court Indictee Sam Hinga Norman Dies in Dakar.
22 February 2007

Special Court Receives a Euro 600,000 for Legacy From the European Commission.
16 February 2007

Justice Julia Sebutinde Elected Presiding Judge of Trial Chamber II.
18 January 2007


New Prosecutor for the Special Court for Sierra Leone.
7 December 2006

Defence Testimony Ends in AFRC Accused Trial.
27 October 2006

Defence Testimony Ends in CDF Accused Trial.
18 October 2006

Prosecution Concludes Case in RUF Trial.
2 August 2006

Special Court Returns Bonthe Island Facility to the Sierra Leone Government.
20 July 2006

Justice Thompson Elected Presiding Judge of Trial Chamber I.
19 June 2006

Special Court Registrar Welcomes United Nations Security Council Resolution.
16 June 2006

Defence Opens Case in AFRC Accused Trial.
5 June 2006

New President for the Special Court for Sierra Leone.
15 May 2006

Defence Office Moves to Ensure Fair Trial Rights for Mr. Charles Taylor.
31 March 2006

Special Court President Requests Charles Taylor be Tried in The Hague.
30 March 2006

Lovemore Munlo Becomes Registrar at Special Court.
24 February 2006

Special Court Launches International Humanitarian Law Booklet.
17 February 2006

U.K. Judges Gain First-Hand Insight on International Humanitarian Law at Special Court.
7 February 2006

Justice Renate Winter to Serve as New Vice-President of the Court.
27 January 2006

Principal Defender Hails Opening of Defence Case as Another Landmark for the Special Court.
20 January 2006

Statement issued by the Principal Defender at the beginning of the Defence case in the CDF trial.
20 January 2006

Justice Lussick Elected Presiding Judge of Trial Chamber II.
18 January 2006

Mongolian Peacekeepers Take Over Security at Special Court.
8 January 2006


Prosecution Closes Case in AFRC Accused Trial.
21 November 2005

Defence Office Holds seminar to Train Investigators.
9 November 2005

Special Court, Canadian Government, Train Police Investigators in Sierra Leone.
7 November 2005

Court Hands Down Decision on Motions for Judgment of Acquittal in CDF Case.
21 October 2005

Lovemore Munlo Takes Up Post as Interim Registrar.
3 October 2005

Justice Geoffrey Robertson to Serve as New Vice-President of the Court.
27 September 2005

Oral arguments scheduled for Tuesday in CDF case.
19 September 2005

New Security Building Dedicated to the Memory of the Late Bob Parnell.
15 September 2005

Former Detention Staff Members Honoured.
26 August 2005

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Visits the Special Court.
15 July 2005

Prosecution Wraps Up Case in Trial of CDF Accused.
14 July 2005

New Deputy Prosecutor for the Special Court.
11 July 2005

New Principal Defender for the Special Court.
6 June 2005

Justice Boutet Elected Presiding Judge of Trial Chamber I.
27 May 2005

New President of the Special Court for Sierra Leone.
26 May 2005

Special Court President Addresses the Security Council.
24 May 2005

Address by Special Court President Justice Emmanuel Ayoola to the United Nations Security Council.
24 May 2005

New Prosecutor Selected for Special Court for Sierra Leone.
5 May 2005

Trial Chamber Issues Order to Indict Five People for Contempt of Court.
3 May 2005

Procedure for Selecting a New Prosecutor.
8 March 2005

Second Trial Chamber Sworn In.
17 January 2005


German President Visits the Special Court.
7 December 2004

New Schedule for Special Court Trials.
6 December 2004

A Statement by Registrar Robin Vincent.
23 October 2004

Interpol Discloses 'Red Notice' for Johnny Paul Koroma.
21 October 2004

Special Court President Addresses Sierra Leonean Students.
21 October 2004

Statement by the Registrar on Peter Halloran.
18 August 2004

Registrar Visits Liberia.
16 July 2004

Security Council Mission Visits the Special Court.
25 June 2004

Statement by the Registrar on the passing of Defence Counsel Terence Terry.
22 June 2004

Judge Itoe takes over as Presiding Judge of Trial Chamber.
4 June 2004

Statement by Justice Emmanuel Olayinka Ayoola, President, Special Court for Sierra Leone.
2 June 2004

Appeals Chamber rules recruitment of child combatants a crime under international law.
1 June 2004

Charles Taylor is subject to criminal proceedings before the Special Court.
31 May 2004

New President of the Special Court for Sierra Leone.
27 May 2004

First Trial to Begin on June 3.
11 May 2004

Trial Chamber Approves New Count of Forced Marriage.
7 May 2004

Judge Orders Norman's Bank Account Unfrozen.
20 April 2004

Special Court Marks International Day of Reflection on the Genocide in Rwanda.
7 April 2004

Justice Renate Winter to act as President of the Special Court.
16 March 2004

Press Release issued by the Plenary Meeting of the Special Court.
15 March 2004

Justice Geoffrey Robertson to remain on Appeals Chamber but won't hear RUF cases.
13 March 2004

Joint Statement on Implementation of Inter-Tribunal Co-operation Projects.
12 March 2004

Special Court for Sierra Leone Officially Opens New Courthouse.
10 March 2004

Appeals Justices convene hearing on defence motion regarding Court President Justice Geoffrey Robertson.
9 March 2004

Special Court to Host Charity Fundraiser 'Play for Justice'.
5 March 2004

Defence Motion Seeks Removal of Appeals Chamber President.
3 March 2004

Trial Chamber Joinder Decision: Accused to be Tried in Three Groups.
27 January 2004

Norman Communications Restricted.
21 January 2004

Security Exercise at the Special Court Complex.
2 January 2004


Prosecutor Withdraws Indictments Against Sankoh and Bockarie.
5 December 2003

Red Notice Issued for Charles Taylor.
4 December 2003

The Special Court Responds to TRC Statement.
3 December 2003

Hearings on the Prosecution Motion for Joinder.
1 December 2003

Special Court Releases New Booklet to Students.
14 November 2003

The Court Rules Trials Should be Held Without Undue Delay.
5 November 2003

First Appeals Session to Hear Arguments on Immunity for Taylor and Other Issues.
6 October 2003

Appeal Chamber Hearings: Questions of Law.
6 October 2003

Groundbreaking for New Courthouse.
3 October 2003

Santigie Kanu Pleads Not Guilty.
23 September 2003

Sierra Construction Systems Wins Bid to Build Courthouse.
20 September 2003

Santigie Kanu Indicted.
17 September 2003

Chinese Government donate Furniture To Special Court For Sierra Leone.
28 August 2003

Indictees Occupy New Detention Facility in Freetown.
11 August 2003

Sankoh's Body Released to Family.
2 August 2003

Registrar Announces the Death of Foday Sankoh.
30 July 2003

In the First Special Court Hearings in Freetown, Sankoh's Request is Denied.
22 July 2003

New Rules of Procedures and Evidence Adopted.
21 July 2003

Special Court Delegation of Donors visits Kailahun.
21 July 2003

Donors Announce Winner of Court House Design.
21 July 2003

On World Day for International Justice, Special Court Requests Assistance in Arresting Indictees.
21 July 2003

Security Council Mission Visits Special Court.
4 July 2003

Fofana and Kondewa Plead Not Guilty.
1 July 2003

President Kabbah Tours Special Court Facilities.
24 June 2003

No Country Found to Take Sankoh for Medical Treatment.
11 June 2003

Court President Requests UN Security Council's Chapter Seven.
11 June 2003

Indictee Bazzy Pleads 'Not Guilty'; First Appearances for Suspects Fofana and Kondewa.
4 June 2003

Special Court Obtains Bockarie's Alleged Body.
2 June 2003

Detainees Claim to be on Hunger Strike.
27 May 2003

Special Court Must Apply International Law Standards.
8 May 2003

Court Rebuttal of Allegations of Mistreatment by Mr Edo Okanya.
1 May 2003

Gbao pleads not guilty to charges in front of the Special Court.
26 April 2003

Status of Detention of the Accused.
7 April 2003

Sankoh Needs Further Evaluation.
21 March 2003

First Suspect Detained.
21 March 2003

Brima and Kallon Plead Not Guilty.
17 March 2003

Sesay Pleads Not Guilty: Three Other Hearings Adjourned.
15 March 2003

Only Seven Arrest Warrants to date.
13 March 2003

Registry Staff Occupy Offices on Permanent Site.
17 January 2003


Special Court Calls for Students to Take a Lead in Human Rights.
11 December 2002

Remarks by Prosecutor David M. Crane for International Human Rights Day.
10 December 2002

Judges Elect Geoffrey Robertson QC as President.
3 December 2002

Special Court Judges Sworn-in.
2 December 2002

International Judges Arrive in Sierra Leone for Swearing-in.
28 November 2002

Special Court Prosecutor Meets with FSSG.
26 November 2002

Prosecutor of Special Court Goes to Daru.
21 November 2002

More Sierra Leoneans in Prosecutor's Office than Any Other Nationality.
6 November 2002

Special Court Prosecutor Says He Will Not Prosecute Children.
2 November 2002

Forensic Expert Begins Examination of Mass Graves.
25 October 2002

Prosecutor Visits Makeni.
16 October 2002

Contractors Working on New Court Complex.
11 October 2002

Prosecutor for the Special Court Begins Holding 'Town Hall' Meetings.
27 September 2002

Special Court Investigators Cordon off their First Crime Scene.
27 September 2002