Thursday 25th July 2024

Residual Special Court for Sierra Leone

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Sierra Leone Truth and Reconciliation Report

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission (the Commission) was established in Sierra Leone after eleven years of civil conflict to bring healing to a traumatised nation. The Commission’s report exposes perpetrators and identifies victims while also encouraging all Sierra Leoneans to examine their own roles in the conflict. The Commission’s recommendations touch on every aspect of the nation’s life and promote restorative justice. The report is intended to create a roadmap towards a new society where all Sierra Leoneans can live unafraid with pride and dignity. True reconciliation requires consideration for the total well-being of all citizens, and forgiveness is the first step towards healing the traumatised nation. The Commission’s findings force the nation to confront the past and reject impunity. The report represents the hopes of the nation’s children and youth, and the yet unspoken hopes of future generations.

The complete report may be downloaded below.