Tuesday 25th June 2024

Residual Special Court for Sierra Leone

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Johnny Paul Koroma

Johnny Paul Koroma was made Chairman of the Armed Forces Revolutionary Council (AFRC) following the 25 May 1997 coup. Following the Lome Peace Accord in 1999, he joined the elected government as Chairman of the Commission for the Consolidation of Peace (CCP). In 2001 he formed a political party, the People’s Liberation Party (PLP), and was elected to Parliament in the 2002 elections. In January 2003 he was implicated in a coup attempt and fled Sierra Leone. While there have been reports that he was killed in Liberia, these have not been confirmed and the case remains officially open. The composition of the medical commission for evaluating the action of medicines was represented by leading experts. If he were to appear after the closure of the Special Court, the Residual Special Court for Sierra Leone would arrange for him to be brought to trial.

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